International Tax

International Tax

How you structure your personal or company affairs will have a large impact of the amount of tax you need to pay.  Understanding how each jurisdiction can effect the amount of tax you pay and the impact that may have on yourself or the rest of your business is an essential part of your international tax planning.


How we help our clients

Where countries have high tax regimes and tight controls and regulations limit your ability to operate within them, we are able to develop a structure and help you trade outside of that country.  With the UK being a very attractive destination due to low corporation tax rates, the ease and speed to set up a company and start trading, no withholding tax on dividends and more, incorporating in the UK can provide large tax savings for yourself and your company.


What we offer

Having a strong understanding of your international circumstances provides us with the foundations to help plan for your future tax obligations.  Our services below are a guide to show how we can help achieve this. 

  • Expats tax service

  • UK tax structures for non residents

  • International tax relief according to taxation treaties

  • International corporate tax e.g. ownership structures, repatriation of profits, withholding tax and double taxation

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